The Outline

What I’ve noticed in my own social networking experience, is that the number of likes/views descends with the amount of time and attention a post requires from the viewer. Starting with photos (#1 in likes), video (#2–do people have enough time to watch it until the end!?), infographics (#3–maybe this is tied with video), articles (#4 omg–writing ::user runs away::). So, that’s why my initial impression of is: I love it!

When I first read FastCoDesign’s article, “Can Design Turn The Outline Into A New Model For Media,” I was a bit skeptical. To be honest, Fahrenheit 451 came to mind, as it comes to mind often these days, when I notice more and more people being unwilling or unable to read complete sentences, let alone an entire article.’s concept is great. It aims to attract people through visual stimulation, in order to grab their attention and pull them into the article—click the graphic and it will lead the user to a real-life, FULL article. I’m all for auditory and visual components to aid in understanding and to entertain! However, before visiting the site, I was afraid that it would consist of a lot of flashy graphics and very few words, in order to cater to the fast-news public. I was pleasantly surprised!

Way to go and —I think you all are onto something!


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