5 ways to easily bring about change in your life





We all have a responsibility to make our society better. There aren’t a lot of excuses for not contributing in some way. This is because now, more than ever, there are so many ways of facilitating change.

5 simple ways we can bring about a positive change in different areas of our lives:

1. In our companies : Even if you aren’t the one in charge, your attitude and behavior can contribute to increasing the overall quality of your work environment. I know from personal experience that having one person with a sunny disposition can bring at least a faint glow to an otherwise gloomy situation, even when things aren’t so good with management.

If you’re having trouble getting started, check out Udemy’s tips on 10 ways you can achieve a positive attitude at work. For more convincing, read LiveStrong.com’s article about the additional benefits of having a good attitude at work.

2. In our local community : Pick a local charity or non-profit and volunteer as much as you can. Once a month is better than never. This will not only help the community, but help you grow closer to your neighbors and give you a sense of purpose. We all want to feel needed.

3. In our internet community : Participate in positive and uplifting ways and STOP responding to trolls. Remember that they’re encouraged by your reaction(s). START answering people’s questions on websites like Quora.

4. In our friends and families In my opinion (and experience), you can’t make someone change. I’m sure we have all tried it before and failed miserably. (If you have succeeded in forcing someone to make a lasting change, please let the rest of us know how you did it.)

Instead, be patient and lead by example. This doesn’t mean you have to surround yourself with toxic people. Remember, we might not have control over the people around us, but we do have some control over who we surround ourselves with and even more control over how we respond to the people we’re around.

5. In ourselves : This is by far the most important. 1-4 depend on our ability to facilitate change in ourselves. Regardless of who you are or where you are in your life, there’s always a way to improve or change in a positive way.


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